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Vedic Engagement Ceremony
by P.D Gangatirkar

According to Hindu traditions, the engagement ceremony or “Wagdaan” is done a few months before the marriage. According to Indian traditions, both sets of parents as well as the future bride and groom, play a significant role in the engagement ceremony. The engagement ceremony is a formal announcement of the impending marriage to the family and friends and start of the planning for the big event.

Following is a slightly modified engagement ceremony in India. It can be further modified to take into considerations the actual wishes and any sensitivity of the parties involved. The engaged couple is referred here as bride and groom, although they do not become so until the pre wedding ceremony a day or two before the actual wedding.

• Groom’s family is welcomed at bride’s home or vice versa.
• Formal introductions of both family members
• Sankalpa and Poonyahvachanam
• Request by the Groom’s father for the bride’s hand for his son. Bride’s father’s approval
• Joint Ganesh Pooja / Varun Pooja. Groom’s mother gives a sari and a ring to the bride. Bride’s father gives a dress and a ring to the groom.
• Bride and the Groom leave to wear new dresses.
• After their return, Bride’s father and his daughter propose the marriage at the appropriate Muhurtam.
• Groom’s father and his son reconfirm the proposal.
• Bride worships Shachi for the success of the future marriage
• Mangal Aarati of the bride by 5 women
• Bride and the Groom exchange the rings.
• Formal engagement Announcement, Ashirvad, Congratulations.

7 Chairs , Coffee table for the Pooja, Shri Ganesh Idol, Kalash, Beetle leaves(10), Halad/Kunku, Gandha or Chandan, Bell, Candles, Neeranjan, Aarati( oil lamp), Flowers, Udbatti, Supaari (10), Coconuts(2), Naivaidhya,
Whole Haladi ( Halkunda)

The ceremony should last about no more than 45 minutes.

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